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Valentine's Day inspired baby names

Check out our favourite baby names inspired by this season of love.

By Emily Rivas

Valentine's Day inspired baby names


'Tis the season of love! Take a gander at our sweetest picks for Valentine's Day-inspired baby names.


This Latin name refers to the precious red jewel we all know and love. Indeed, it's a classic love stone and is considered one of the most powerful gems on the planet.


Ahh, the rose—a poet's favourite symbol of love, and the perfect name for a Valentine’s baby. Variations include Rosa, Rosetta, Rosemary, Rosaline, and Primrose (which has gained popularity due to The Hunger Games books and films).

Valentina/ Valentino

Both variants of St. Valentine’s name are lovely choices. Not only are these Italian names ultra-festive, but they signify "strong and healthy."

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This classic, historic name has deep biblical and royal roots. David is Hebrew for "beloved." The related name Darryl also means "beloved."


Annabel is a Scottish name meaning "loving." It has gained popularity since the rise of the name Isabel (perhaps for its similar ending).



This name of French origin means “much desired.” Though its original meaning is more sensual, its modern use is relatively tame and not uncommon.


Another French name, Esme means "to love" and has recently risen in popularity because of the Twilight series.


In Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice, the character Lorenzo falls in love and ends up marrying Shylock’s daughter, Jessica. Lorenzo is the epitome of a Shakespearean Italian romantic.

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The name Romeo is of Italian origin. In Shakespeare (and beyond), he is the star-crossed lover in the most famous love story of all, Romeo and Juliet.

In Hollywood, moreover, Romeo the second son of Victoria and David Beckhamand they named him after the Shakespearean character. He’s taken after mom and has modelled for Burberry—what a lady killer!



Juliet, the name of the second star-crossed lover in Romeo and Juliet, means "youthful" and is of French origin. Romeo admires Juliet for her beauty in his famous soliloquy, in which he compares her to the sun.


Short and sweet, this name derives from the longer version, Wilhelmina, which means "love" in German.


Nayeli means "I love you" in Zapotec, the language of an indigenous Mexican tribe. It’s adorable and perfect for your loveable little one.

This article was originally published on Feb 13, 2014

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