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10 Best Shows for Toddlers

From Peppa Pig to Dora the Explorer, these TV shows are handpicked for little ones.

By Courtney Leiva

10 Best Shows for Toddlers

ABC Kids

While your tiny tot might be glued to their beloved movies, why not sprinkle in some wisdom? Explore these best shows for toddlers, loaded with positivity, valuable life lessons, catchy melodies and vibrant visuals.

The best part? You can catch them on various platforms, including Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and more. It's like adding a dash of smarts to their screen time. Not an Amazon Prime member yet? Here's our link to free Amazon Prime movies and TV for 30 days. Be sure to check out all this other free stuff from Amazon, too.

Peppa Pig

peppa pig, best shows for toddlers Channel 5

If you're looking for an adorably British TV show for toddlers, look no further than Peppa Pig. This charming series will have your little one smitten with Peppa and her family as they embark on their adventures through life in a world bursting with color.

Each episode of Peppa Pig is like a colorful storybook, weaving together five delightful segments into 25 minutes of pure oinking joy. Not only is it entertaining, but according to Common Sense Media, also teaches essential social skills, such as kindness, loyalty, and thoughtfulness, making it an ideal choice for young kids and preschoolers.

Peppa Pig is available to stream on Roku, Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV and Paramount+.

Sesame Street

sesame street, best shows for toddlers PBS

If you have fond memories of watching Sesame Street back in the day, why not pass on some of that magic to your little one? With the show now in its 54th season, the whole squad is still bringing the fun, and they've even got some new pals to jazz up playtime for your little one.

But get this—not only is the 30-minute program still a crash course in all things smart, with numbers and words on the menu, but there's also toe-tapping music and surprise celebrity cameos. It's like a playdate for the kids and a nostalgia trip for you! Each

Sesame Street is available to stream on PBS KIDS, Max, Hoopla, DIRECTV, Amazon Channel and Spectrum On Demand.

Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood

daniel tiger's neighbourhood, best shows for toddlers PBS


Step into the enchanting world of Daniel Tiger, the lovable star of this animated gem that's a delightful offshoot of the timeless Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood. With a runtime of 30 minutes, this show offers plenty of learning opportunities through engaging stories and catchy musical numbers.

Here's a fun fact: a 2016 article from Texas Tech University highlights the positive impact of this show on children with autism, as it helps them cultivate empathy and essential school readiness skills.

Daniel Tiger's Neighbourhood is available to stream on the PBS Kids app and Amazon Prime Video.

Curious George

curious george, best shows for toddlers PBS

If you have cherished memories of your parents reading Curious George books, you’re in for a treat! The beloved stories have been transformed into a charming animated series on PBS, ideal for toddlers. Each episode clocks in at a solid 30 minutes, and it's all about encouraging kids to be as curious and eager to explore as George himself.


According to PBS, this show also exposes children to basic concepts of engineering, as well as math and science. It also teaches parents how to inspire their children’s curiosity and exploration, like the Man with the Yellow Hat’s approach with George.

Curious George is available to stream on Peacock, PBS KIDS, Hulu and YouTube.


storybots, best shows for toddlers Netflix

Netflix is another great place to find the best shows for toddlers, and StoryBots is one you can't miss. It features five adorable protagonists who seek to answer all the burning questions kids have about life, whether that's why the sky is blue or why it's important to brush your teeth.

Each episode of StoryBots is 28 minutes long and helps toddlers learn colors, math, science, and even history in a kid-friendly way. It features a host of celebrity guests, including John Legend, Jennifer Garner and Snoop Dogg, that parents will surely recognize.


Bonus: with three seasons to choose from, there’s no shortage of entertaining and educational content for toddlers to enjoy!

Little Einsteins

little einsteins, best shows for toddlers Playhouse Disney

While Little Einsteins is no longer on the air, it's still a great show to keep in your toddler-friendly TV favorites. It features a quartet of young protagonists and their adventures on a rocket ship, exploring new places and making discoveries in each episode.

According to Common Sense Media, Little Einstein packs 30 minutes of teamwork, friendship, problem-solving, and a pinch of art and music into each episode – talk about a well-rounded show.

Little Einsteins is available to stream on Disney+ and AppleTV.


bluey, best shows for toddlers ABC Kids

Although this down-under delight is perfect for kids aged five to seven, if your toddler is a quick learner, we bet they'll be hooked on this show. It centers around Bluey, an adorable six-year-old puppy, and her parents and friends in an array of adventures.

Beyond the cool animation and awesome Aussie twang, Bluey's all about teaching real-life smarts, problem-solving, and thinking outside the box. Just like Peppa Pig, it's a mixed bag of fun stories that'll have you drawing comparisons for days.

Bluey is available to stream on Disney+ and to watch on Disney Junior and Disney Channel—thank us later!

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

mickey mouse clubhouse, best shows for toddlers Playhouse Disney


Calling all Disney aficionados! Get ready to join the iconic Disney squad – Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Goofy, Pluto and the rest of the gang – as they guide your little one through the magical world of numbers, shapes, teamwork, and problem-solving.

While this show may not be live on air, this 30-minute extravaganza is packed with toe-tapping tunes, including the "Hot Dog Dance," "The Clubhouse Song," and "Mickey's Birthday Song."

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is available to stream on Disney+, Disney Junior's YouTube channel and DisneyNOW.

Dora the Explorer

dora the explorer, best shows for toddlers Nickelodeon

This classic gem has stood the test of time, serving up a delightful blend of edutainment for the tiniest tots. Not only does it sneakily school kids in Spanish, numbers, and reading, but it also hones their problem-solving and social savvy.


With each regular episode running a snappy 22 minutes and the extra-special ones stretching to a leisurely 45, Dora the Explorer may have wrapped up in 2016, but the adventure lives on across a whopping eight seasons.

Dora the Explorer is available to stream on Paramount+.

Doc McStuffins

doc mcstuffins, best shows for toddlers Disney Junior

If your kiddo loves playing doctor, why not add this show to your watch list? It follows Dottie (or Doc) McStuffins, a little girl with the extraordinary gift of communicating with and patching up all her toys and plush pals.

This charming show, clocking in at 30 minutes, is a feel-good show, but it serves up valuable lessons on wellness, empathy and problem-solving.


Doc McStuffins is available to stream on Disney Channel, Disney+ and Amazon Prime Video.

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